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For some reason the British series "Home and Away" seems to bring in the hottest male actors. No exception here as we see the beautiful Kyle Pryer just as he's about to loose the clothing and get naked!
And just who does this swang cock belong to? Holy fuck you could take an eye out with that thing! Don't wait for your opportunity to watch this video in its entirety! It's one of the best we've seen in a long time!
Over the years, Russell Tovey has done a lot of nude fact we are confident that most of his roles contained nudity. Currently appearing in HBO's "Looking" where he shows ass and cock!
This scene is from the film "Love & Other Drugs" featuring a ripped Jake Gyllenhaal. At 33 years old, we'd have to say that he is one of our favorite male celebrities that we love to see naked!
British Olympic long jumper Greg Rutherford wins the award for cutest ginger our humble opinion anyway. Not only is he super cute, he's also super naked showing off a hard muscle ass
What can we say about Dan Osborne exept that he's not shy about flaunting his figure. And Dan certainly didn't seem to mind showing off his muscles on the Splash! final. Then it seems he took even more off!
Speaking of male celebrities in the nude, we waited a very long time for the former Disney star Zac Efron to finally strip down naked. It was certainly well worth the wait. This guys got a ripe white round ass! More Zac, please!
Channing Tatum in the nude? No way! Yes way...see it all right here! We love this scene from a recent film as you get to see all of his hot hot body! Like they say...we'd love to 'Channing in his Tatum'!
Brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth are two male celebrites we don't get to see naked all too often. This video features Chris, the slightly older of the two from the film 'Rush'. Fantastic stuff!
Oh look at the pretty boy Jonathan Rhys-Myers standing there in those red pussy pants exposing that hot pube trail! This stud should get an award for all of the nude scenes he has done!
You know it seems like Ryan Phillippe never ages. That face and body always look like a 22-year olds. You can see how his pumped up and smooth body looks the same over the years in our video galleries of nude male celebs!
Ryan Reynolds is currently dating his Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively, but a little known fact about him is that he used to date Alanis Morissette and in fact, were actually engaged!
We hardly think that Maroon 5 and The Voice's Adam Levine needs anymore exposure, but thankfully he doesn't mind exposing his skin! The 'no fur' ad campaigns are among our favorite nude male celebrity spreads !
If we had to make a list of the male celebs that look the best nude, James Marsden would be in the top 5. You're not going to want to miss this scene where he looses all his clothes and runs around a house naked!
Best known for his role as Jesse in Hannah Montana, Drew Roy is a smokin hot male star who was raised in Clanton, Alabama and currently stars in TNT's sci-fi series about aliens "Falling Skies'.
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Check out these ripped biceps and those little yellow undies barely keeping that big cock of his in! See what happens when he pulls that big cock out!
Evan Peters has always been one of our favorites. This scene sports Evan looking incredibly gorgeous and his body and penis are amazing and so is his beefy ass.

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